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Dear West Virginia Families and Students,
I want to take this opportunity to wish all students and their families, particularly those heading to college, a successful new academic year! Nothing is more a part of the American Dream than going to college. There is no better investment in the financial prosperity of our state and citizens than public colleges.
Glenville State College
is especially important to West Virginia and beyond because of the number of first generation college students we serve who are also in financial need.
Slashing state public college budgets cuts deep into the dreams for our children. Also, the yearly raising of tuition by colleges the past 10 years has created a problem whereby students with great promise may not be able to go to college simply because of skyrocketing costs. The dream of college hinges on keeping public higher education affordable.
As a new academic year begins, know that Glenville State College will continue to support families and focus first on students and their success as the only public four-year degree granting college in the Mountain State to lower its meal plan costs and not raise tuition.
Glenville State College is committed to continuing to streamline the way we operate and put students and families first by supporting student success, shortening time-to-degree, and improving student employability.
We sincerely hope that our state's legislative leaders will once again invest in the future of West Virginia. We also
hope that other colleges and universities will join Glenville State College's lead by creating affordable higher educational opportunity. But in the meantime, parents and students can know that Glenville State College is standing-up for them and standing with them to create a better and more prosperous West Virginia!
Most Sincerely,
Dr. Tracy L. Pellett, Ed.D. President Glenville State College
(800) 924-2010
| 200 High Street | Glenville, WV 26351

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